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Liverpool and The Beatles

    On Wednesday 24th October 1962, Love Me Do entered the British Top Thirty. It was the first single by unknown group from Liverpool called the Beatles. It was the first of a number of big hits that would make John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr the most successful pop group the world has ever known.
    However, the road to success was not always easy. John and Paul had spent many afternoons listening to American stars like Chuck Berry and Elvis Presley before they were able to write the famous Lennon and McCartney songs.
    Although the long evenings spent playing in hot nightclubs in Liverpool and Hamburg in Germany had not earnes them much money, they found the experience very useful when playing to huge audiences later on.
    Not only was their style of singing new and exciting but their unusual haircuts - Beatle "mops"! - and crazy sense of humor immediately became the latest fashion.
    One of the most important people at the start of their careers was Bryan Epstein, a record-dealer. He managed to change four ordinary working-class lads into international superstars. George Martin, their record producer, encouraged them to introduce all kinds of unusual instruments on their records and combined popular and classic styles in a new and original way.
    During the 60s the Beatles were always in the news headlines, films, world tours and sometimes scandal. John once suggested that the Beatles were better known than Jesus Christ. This caused hundreds of young Americans to burn their Beatle records. In addition some people thought there were hidden messages about drugs in some of the songs.
    After a decade of successful music and films, the Beatles finally decided to break up in the early seventies, after public disagreements about money and personalities.
    Although many fans hoped there would be a reunion throughout the 70s, this became inpossible with the tragic murder of John Lennon in New York in 1980.
    The surviving Beatles are still deeply involved in musical and film projects, but many fans still long for the music of the 60s.

John Lennon (1940-1956)

    John Winston Lennon was born on the 9th of october in 1940.His father Fred Lennon, a sailor, was far away when a young mother gave life to her son. When John was five, his mother married again and gave her son to her sister Mary Smith. His school years weren't very succesful. He was a hard child. His behaviour was very bad and teachers didn't like him. In 1952 he became a pupil of Quarry Bank High Scool. But he continued in the same way. John began to write poems when he was seven. Mary thought that it wasn't necessary and tried to forbid him this. When Julia came back, John was very happy. Later he became interested in music. Once when he came to his mother she gave john his first guitar. Just at that time all Liverpool teenagers joined into bands. So John and his school friends made their band called "Quarrymen".

Paul McCartney (1942-1956)

    James Paul McCartney was born on the 18th of June in 1942.His father Jim McCartney worked at that time on a plant. Paul was a polite child. He had a brother Mikle, who was 2 years younger. Paul was lefthanded. He did everything not like the others. This made him think that he was a failor. Then Paul's mother died. It was a very big sorrow for the boy. Only his interest in guitar could make this sorrow smaller. In 1956 Paul with his friend went to see Liverpool band called "Quarrymen". This was the begining of "The Beatles".

George Harrison (1943-1956)

    George Harrison was born on the 25th of Fabruary in 1943. He was the youngest in the family. He had a sister Luisa and two brothers - Harold and Peter. He studied in school called "Dovedale". In this school also studied John Lennon. But he was 3 years older and didn't notice George. But his brother Peter was in the sames grade as John. In 1954 George became a student of Liverpool Institute, where Paul McCartney had been studying for a year. George hafd long hair and very thin jeans. Teachers didn't like him for this. But George didn't have a lot of conflicts with teachers. Once he bought a guitar from one of his classmates and from that time he felt in love with music. But it wasn't serious untill he met "Quarrymen".

Ringo Starr (1940-1956)

    Richard Starkey (Ringo Starr is his pseudonym) is the oldest Beatle. He was born on the 7th of June in 1940. First stage of his study he spent in St. Silantiy's school. When Ringo was six he had appendicitis with hard after-effects. He had 2 operations. He spent almost a year in the hospital. In 1953 his mother married the second time. Soon Ringo became ill again. This time it was pleurisy. This time he spent 2 years in the hospital. Ringo became interested in drums. When his stepfather knew about that he bought him his own drums.

The Quarrymen

    In 1956 15-year old John with his school friends made their band called Quarrymen There were such people in it as: John itself, Eric Grifftis - guitars, Len Harry - bass, Colin Hanson - drums, Pete Shutton - washing board and Rod Davis - banjo. Later John met Paul McCartney. Paul and his friend went to hear the Quarrymen play. Pual says about that day:"I came to a club. There was one drunk guy there. Hea said his favourite song was "Twenty Flight Rock". I thoght that he knew something about music." John was 16 and Paul was 14. Paul showed John some chords. He was lefthanded so John had to sit in front of the mirror. Paul began to write songs and so did John. Later george Harrison joined them. Now they were three.

Julia's Death

    On 15th of June in 1958 Julia, John's mother, died in an accident. The car that hit her was driven by a drunk police officer. It was a big sorrow for John. He was 17 then.

The Silver Beatles

    Later guys called themselves "Silver Beatles". It was suggested by John. They decided to write "Beatles" to show that they played beat music. Guys thought up pseudonyms for themselves: Johnny Silver, Paul Ramon and Carl Harrison.
    In the end of 1959 in Liverpool guys signed up their first contract with Larry Perns. They made 15 days tour in Scotland with Johnny Gentle.
    In 1960 Allan Williams, the owner of one of the night clubs in Hamburg, offered them to work in his night club. They agreed and took Pete Best on the drums. The line-up for that time is:
        John Lennon - guitar, vocal;
        Paul McCartney - guitar, piano, vocal;
        George Harrison - guitar solo, vocal;
        Stuart Sutklff - bass guitar;
        Pete Best - drums.