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About Myself

   Hello! Let's get acquainted. My name is Andrei. I was born on the 31st of May in 1984, so I'm 14 now.I live in the capital of Ukraine - in Kiev. I'm a student of a business college "Podol". I'm in the 9th grade.
   I like sports and music. I play guitar and piano (synthesizer). My favourite band are "The Beatles".I also like "Scorpions", "Queen", "Ace Of Base", Mashyna Mremeni(it's a russian rock group) and many other bands. Ny favourite kinds of sports are soccer, basketball and hockey. My favourite soccer team is Dinamo Kiev (it's understood because I live in Kiev). I also like Barcelona. My favourite basketball teams are Dendi- Basket (Kiev) (I played in this team for a year), CSKA (Moscow), Portland Treil Blayzers, Orlando Magic and Chicago Bulls. And my favourite hockey team is Detroit Red Wings.
   I know English, Russian and Ukrainian and I learn German.    I like to spend my free time watching TV, listening to music and working on Internet. I also like to spend time in a company of my friends. Althoug I have a lot of friends I think that the more friends I have - the better it is. So please mail me anytime and I'll answer you.